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What is Oz Ve'Hadar ?


The Israel Defense Forces is a strong and professional army equipped with some of the most advanced artillery and weapons systems for sea, air and ground combat in the world. What distinguishes the IDF from other armies in the world is a Torah Scroll on each base, a Torah Scroll that strengthens their fighting spirit and reminds them about what they are fighting for. Unfortunately there are many Torah Scrolls which become unfit for public use according to Jewish law because of physical conditions in the field, including dampness or storage in semi-open areas. The Institute clarified with the army the current situation of Torah Scrolls in combat units. The Institute has discovered that there are currently more than 200 Torah Scrolls which are currently invalid and are waiting to be made kosher. Each Torah Scroll must be fixed according to its particular needs, re-instated to the army unit to which it was originally dedicated and returned to service for the soldiers of the base.

The Renovation of a Torah Scroll 


The process of renovating a Torah Scroll begins with a thorough check of the entire 

Scroll and discovering the specific issue(s) that must be addressed. This is followed by a process of meticulous proofreading and hundreds of hours of editing including a final 

computerized scan to ensure accuracy. The process takes between three months to half a year. Once the Scroll is once again kosher it reverts back to “active service”. The next step is to determine which army base will receive the Scroll, and to hold a re-dedication ceremony which is organized by the IDF. The IDF permits the donor to decide in whose name he or she wants to re-dedicate the Scroll.


The Dedication


The sponsors of the project will merit to dedicate a Torah Scroll in their name to an army unit, at a ceremony in the presence of the unit commanders, soldiers, rabbis of the Institute and family members of the donor.

More than 200 Torah Scrolls are currently waiting...

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