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The Israel Defense Forces is a strong and professional army equipped with some of the 

most advanced artillery and weapons systems for sea, air and ground combat in the 

world. What distinguishes the IDF from other armies in the world is a Torah Scroll on 

each base, a Torah Scroll that strengthens their fighting spirit and reminds them about 

what they are fighting for.

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Dedication Stories


The dedication of a Torah scroll by placing it into a synagogue’s holy ark is an uplifting, once in a lifetime experience, which elevates all the participants.

The power of this extraordinary experience is magnified when the scrolls being dedicated were used by communities which were destroyed in the Holocaust. The scrolls were hidden and guarded and with great care, often under risk of life.

Oz Ve'Hadar restore the Torah Scrolls which are then presented to the IDF be read by soldiers in bases across the land of Israel.

Dozens of organizations, communities, congregations, schools, and private people throughout the world found through Oz Ve'Hadar a way to express their love and dedication to God, to the Torah, Am Yisrael, Medinat Yisrael and the Israeli soldiers through the dedication of these restored Torah scrolls to our army.

The next exciting and elevating story can be yours.



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Torah Dedication in 
Memory of 
Ilan and Assaf Ramon z"l
Torah Dedication in memory of 
Ari Fuld z"l
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