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Dedication Stories 

Eliana Starkman
Englwood, NJ
November 2014

A Torah scroll was presented to the Home Front Forces’ base in Ramla, as an expression of Eliana’s deep appreciation to God for all the goodness He has blessed her. Family and friends arrived especially to participate with Eliana in this very moving ceremony.

The stormy weather provided the feeling that even the heavens were participating in her joy.


Tora dedication in memory of 
Sean Carameli 
Brooklyn, NY
February 2015

Four families from Brooklyn NY, dedicated a Sefer Torah in memory of Sean carameli z"l, a loan soldier that Killed in Tzuk Eitan operation (summer 2014,Gaza Strip). Sean parents came to the base and together with all the soldiers brought the Torah into the only shul in the base that now have the first Sefer Torah.


The Rambam Yeshiva (Lawrence, NY) heard about this Torah scroll in memory of Sean,and during an emotional meeting with his sister, decided to join the project and dedicate another Torah scroll ,That currently is in the repairing process And will enter to one of  the army bases.

Tora dedication in memory of the martyred young men:
Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Sha'er and Naftali Frenkel
Jerusalem, Israel
December 2014

A Torah scroll was dedicated by the Oz Ve'Hadar project to the main synagogue at Palmachim Air Force Base in memory of the three murdered young men: Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Sha'er and Naftali Frankel, and the four year old boy, Daniel Tragerman, who was killed by a rocket in the Tzuk Eitan operation.

The parent’s of the martyred Jewish boys participated, as well as many soldiers of the Air Force Base. Family and friends came to give honor to their memory by presenting this beautiful Torah scroll for the use of our beloved soldiers.

Ayelet Rabanipour
New York, NY
January 2015



A Torah scroll was presented to the IDF base in Nes-Ziona, in honor of Ayelet’s Bat Mitzvah. The soldiers surprised Ayelet with a bouquet of flowers and balloons, and danced with her in great joy.

Ayelet's mother said, "This is the most exciting thing we could have done in honor of Ayelet’s Bat Mitzvah"


Gelbart Family
August 2015

The Gelbart family from New York dedicated a Torah to an IDF naval base in honor of celebration the 50th wedding anniversary of their parents


family and friends Together with soldiers from the base danced and brought the Torah into the base synagogue.


D. Family
May 2015

The Torah was donated by a family that wanted to perpetuate the family that perished in the Holocaust.

The Torah was put into the IDF New Training Campus In The Name Of Ariel Sharon in the south of the country and will serve the thousands of soldiers who will serve at that base.


The next exciting and elevating story can be yours...

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